Re-Opening Guidelines for Covid-19


These policies will be implemented and strictly enforced for the safety of our students, coaches, and parents.

The Flying Ninja Academy is happy to announce that we will be reopening on June 3, 2020. In order to ensure our guests' safety and comply with the State of Ohio guidelines for fitness centers, we will implementing the following policies:

  • Maximum class size will be 6 students
    All students/parents must not exhibit any signs of illness while attending the gym. This includes chronic cough and fever. Flying Ninja staff will ask anyone exhibiting signs of illness to depart the gym immediately. If anyone in your household exhibits symptoms, please refrain from attending class, even if the student does not show symptoms. You will be allowed one makeup class per month for illness.
  • The water dispenser will be removed. Students may bring their own water bottles, or we will have bottled water and sports drinks available for purchase.
  • In order to maintain social distancing in the viewing area, only one parent may attend class. Please refrain from bringing siblings to class.
  • All “high-touch” areas of the gym will be disinfected between sessions. Gym will be completely disinfected after the final session of the evening.
  • In order to allow time to sanitize the gym, we will have a minimum of 15 minutes between sessions. Families will be asked to depart immediately after their session. Incoming students will not enter until 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Anyone entering the gym, including parents, students, and staff will immediately wash/sanitize their hands. One bathroom door will be propped open in order to avoid touching handles. We also ask that everyone wash their hands before exiting the facility.
  • We will make all efforts to maintain social distancing standards. However, oftentimes, the instructor must assist the students with certain skills. We will attempt to minimize this contact, but cannot guarantee it will be eliminated.

Please see the following link to the Ohio Department of Health guidelines for fitness facilities.